Today’s Best Sales: Vitamix, Cuisinart, Lavatools, and More

Today’s Best Sales: Vitamix, Cuisinart, Lavatools, and More

Navigating the sale pages of Amazon can be like its own little version of Black Friday at a superstore—there’s just a whole lot of stuff. Most of it is stuff we don’t need, like silicone gummy bear molds (though they do look sort of fun). But if you look hard enough, you can find some really great cookware at an excellent discount. Lucky for you, we did all the research for you. Here’s a roundup of our favorite kitchen essentials that are on sale at the time of writing, for a limited time only.

75% Off an 8-Piece Cuisinart Multi-Clad Pro Cookware Set

We told you about this great deal yesterday and are happy to report that this quality set of multi-clad pots and pans is still on sale. While cookware sets rarely make our recommendation list—usually you end up overpaying for pieces you don’t need and underspending on items that are essential—we’re making an exception for this. For just $129.99, you can get a full eight-piece Cuisinart MultiClad Pro cookware set. That’s 75% off and well worth the spend. If you’re looking for a slightly larger set, this 12-piece tri-ply set is 46% off.

31% Off Lavatools Javelin Thermometer

You know we’re all about the Thermapen at Serious Eats. Unfortunately, it can be a little bit of an investment at it’s current price. That’s why we also recommend the Lavatools Javelin as our favorite budget pick. For the next three hours and counting, it’s 31% off, making it just under $20.

36% Off Calphalon Nylon Fork and Spatula Set

For all you egg obsessives, this nylon fork and spatula set from Calphalon has a stiff fork that works perfectly for agitating eggs into creamy, tender curds, all while keeping the surface of your nonstick pan completely scratch-free.

20% Off Vitamix 5200

The Vitamix is a classic piece of equipment that’s become synonymous with achieving professional-grade results in your home kitchen. Unfortunately, it’s notoriously eye-rollingly expensive. But today, you can get 20% off, saving you $80 on this powerful machine that you’ll have for years to come. Once it arrives, you’ll understand why we’ve named it one of the best high-end blenders on the market.

Want to peruse more sale items? Check out the sous vider’s best friend, the Food Saver at 21% off, not to mention our favorite silicone whisk at 47% off. And if you’re looking to do even more damage, check out our equipment page for the latest equipment reviews and a list of our most beloved essential tools.

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