Chinese-Style Layered Omelette Recipe | Serious Eats

Chinese-Style Layered Omelette Recipe | Serious Eats

[Photograph: Vicky Wasik]

This dish is basically an omelette mashed up with one of those layered crepe cakes, with scallions and soy sauce interleaved between each layer. And while that might not sound particularly exciting to eat, when combined with a bowl of plain steamed rice, it is an example of culinary alchemy on the same order as a sandwich made from good bread, prosciutto, and butter.

It makes a fine lunch, but it is an even better dinner, perfect for those nights when all you have is eggs in the refrigerator and you don’t want to cook anything complicated. A bowl of rice, some kimchi or other kind of pickled vegetable, and you’ve got a grand weeknight meal.

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