Chicken Donburi (Japanese Rice Bowl) With Spinach Recipe

Chicken Donburi (Japanese Rice Bowl) With Spinach Recipe

[Photographs: Vicky Wasik]

Donburi” is a Japanese word that refers both to a class of rice dishes and the bowl in which they’re served, which is both quite a bit larger and wider than the standard-issue rice bowl that would typically accompany a meal. You may already be familiar with some of the more famous donburi—gyudon, katsudon, and oyakodon—and if you are, then you know how easy to make and tasty they can be.

These types of rice bowls are easy to vary and customize—in fact, this is a chicken variation on a beef donburi recipe, since chicken breasts and deboned chicken thighs and drumsticks can work just as well as beef here. Like the beef donburi recipe, this one uses only one pan, aside from the vessel in which you cook your rice, whether that’s a rice cooker or a pot, and it requires just a few pantry ingredients that are staples of the Japanese kitchen: sake, soy sauce, mirin, sesame oil, and rice vinegar.

The result is a well-rounded meal in a bowl in which the focus is the rice, but with a lot of textural variation and complexity of flavor, and it all comes together in about thirty minutes.

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