Friday Links and Hijinks | Serious Eats

Friday Links and Hijinks | Serious Eats

Illustrations of octopods

[Illustration: Biodiversity Heritage Library]

You did it! Another week down!

We’re putting up a post very much like this one every Friday afternoon to celebrate the fact that the week is done.

We think of this series as something of a send-off for the week, giving you the option of a brief interlude for your Friday afternoon. Of course, if your workweek is just starting or if you’re still in the thick of it, think of this as a pick-me-up for your personal hump day or as a nice way to kick off your weekend shifts.

We hope to provide a short mix of mostly silly, mostly food-related, mostly entertaining things to look at, listen to, and read, and we hope you’ll find it amusing, and maybe, sometimes, edifying and enlightening. We also see it as an opportunity to go over some of what’s new on the site, which you, dear readers, may have missed.

If you have feedback or if you run across any interesting/oddball/totally crazy stories/podcasts/images/videos during the week that you think may be appropriate for this little collection of miscellany, email us! We can’t guarantee we’ll use it, but we will 100% appreciate the effort.

What’s New on Serious Eats

You can, of course, browse all our content in reverse-chronological order. But here are just a few highlights:

A Glimpse Inside Serious Eats HQ

Sasha looking menacingly at the camera as he caresses a bit of 'nduja

“Say 1.25x speed. I dare you.”

Our Favorite Comments of the Week

From “The Truth About Mustard Oil: Behind the ‘For External Use Only’ Label”:

Yes! My favorite Chinese cooking channel recommended Mustard Oil to sub for a Canola-like oil that is a flavor component in Sichuan cuisine. We were deterred by the “External Use Only” label but now will pull the trigger!

From the BraveTart recipe for “Epic New York Cheesecake”:

Ewww, would not recommend. Made this for my grandson with Lox cream cheese since that’s his favorite and it did not taste good at all. Even capers, which he calls sea nuts, could not save this recipe.

Next time I would recommend providing a [list] of flavors of cream cheese that work with the recipe.

From commenters on Facebook, in response to “Hei Now, You’re a Wok Star: A Fiery Hack for Stir-Frying at Home”:

I was wondering whether my husband would be more inclined to save the house or me after I tried it.


Ok, but I’ve gotta teach the cat how to dial 911 first.

A Brief Book Break

What does it mean, anyway, to live in a country? I wouldn’t know; I go to the store and shop for the avocados that feel like they might ripen in a few days because I harbor a deep distrust of immediate satisfaction. I keep telling myself that naming everything that I’ve eaten will convince various juries that I am not guilty. Raspberry, cherry, coconut, santol, passionfruit (dislike), apricot, lychee, mango, blueberry. So many different centers. Some that you can bite right through, some that you can drink, and some that will crack your teeth apart. Writing about seeds means also to write about permission, which could be pretty revolutionary if you think about it.

Excerpted from “A Brief History of Fruit,” a poem contained within A Brief History of Fruit, a wonderful new collection by Kimberly Quiogue Andrews.

Food Numbers, News, and Hijinks

Have a wonderful weekend, everybody!

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